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Hello And Welcome to Webma|Wiki . We like to introduce the new Wiki for Webmasters. We Should Have Information,Resoursesc,Scripting,Programming,Web Design Articles in this Wiki. We Enjoy to Update it and we want the information to be on top (: .


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We are currently working on 49 articles.

Html's Many Txt CodesEdit

  • <B>TEXT</B> - Produces a Bolded Txt
  • <I>TEXT</I> - Produces a Italized txt
  • <U>TEXT</U> - Produces a Underlined Txt
  • <S>TEXT</S> - Produces a Txt with Strikeout
  • <span style="text-decoration: overline">TEXT</span> - Produces a Txt with one Overline
  • <SUP>TEXT</SUP> - Produces a txt with superscript
  • <SUB>TEXT</SUB> - Produces a Txt with Subscript
  • <i><b>TEXT</b></i> - Produces a Bolded Italized Txt!
  • <u><i><b>TEXT</b></i></u> - Produces Italic, Bold, and Underline Txt
  • <span style="text-decoration: overline"><u>TEXT</u></span> - Produces txt with underline and Overline
  • <font color="COLOR">TEXT</font> - Produces a Colorized Txt / Check Out Hex Color Codes

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