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Macros Index!


How to find Macro Articles..

  • All Articles In the Category Macros. SHould be Created M:Article-Name . to do it easyer do find the article.So if u gonna search on nothing is this on example

Example: M:MMO-GAMES MACROS now should u get one listing of articles who is related M:MMO-GAMES MACROS (: . this system is to do it easyer to find articles. please mark your articles M:Yourarticle name when creating. And note when creating one article dont use the red txt fill out the article name in the article creating place. u can create articles on the Index site!. And on the link on this site. please use the code u find there!.

When Creaing one Macro Article

  • All Macros articles tittles should be written M:Article-name . to do it easyer to find .

when creating one article is importent. that u use the standard code.when creating on article can u use this: Create:Article . that page was to make one article (: . its very nice that u use the code u find there if u begin and editing from red txt . if u gonna have it fun please use the sandbox . help. go on help:contents

About Macros

  • A macro in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence (often a sequence of characters) should be mapped to an output sequence (also often a sequence of characters) according to a defined procedure.

The term originated[citation needed] with macro-assemblers, where the idea was to write a single statement that appeared like an instruction in the assembly language (a macro-instruction). When the program was assembled, the macro-instruction was expanded into a sequence of real instructions that would then be assembled. In this way the complexity of the sequence of real instructions would be hidden, and the abstraction of the macro simplified coding and understanding code. Complex macro-assemblers offered sophisticated ways to add parameters to macros, so that the macro would expand in different ways according to the values of the parameters.


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