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Hello And Welcome to Webma|Wiki . We like to introduce the new Wiki for Webmasters. We Should Have Information,Resoursesc,Scripting,Programming,Web Design Articles in this Wiki. We Enjoy to Update it and we want the information to be on top (: .


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Language Index!


How to find Language Articles..

  • When Creating one Language articles they gonna be nothing like no:php:Article name .language articles

is articles who is not on english So its importent that u write down the 2 first letters in your contry and what category you search on . and ofcourse the article name so its goes Language:Category:Article name


All Macros articles tittles should be written Language:Category:Article-name . to do it easyer to find . when creating one article is importent. that u use the standard code.when creating on article can u use this: Create:Article . that page was to make one article (: . its very nice that u use the code u find there if u begin and editing from red txt . if u gonna have it fun please use the sandbox . help. go on help:contents

About Languages

  • A language is a system used to facilitate communication among higher animals and/or computers. This article is about the fundamental features typically found in nearly all natural human languages. For information about artificial languages specifically for computers, see machine code. Higher animals believed to employ audible language only, without symbols, include, but are not limited to, dolphins and whales. For information about this subject, see "Animal communication".

Language is emerging as the central preoccupation of our time.[1]


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